Girls Wanna Have Fun
  • Price:
    £25.00 p.p. (incl. VAT)
  • Min. participants:
  • Duration:
    1 Hour(s)
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    A photoshoot behind an Amsterdam Red Light Window! New and exclusive in Amsterdam, but already worldwide notorious. All over the globe, Amsterdam is famous for its coffee shops and the Red Light District. Everyone wants to peep at our ladies of pleasure behind the Red Light Windows. It is exciting, everyone’s fantasy.

    How about you?
    How would you feel to take place behind our Red Light Window yourself? This is your shoot! With Funny Photoshoot you have the chance to transform into a real lady of pleasure. A working girl, just for fun of course! Take a look what Funny Photoshoot has to offer you.

    Fun for all!
    Many girls visit our window.. At first a little bit shy, but your mood will swing when you notice how much fun it is. You will have a blast, it’s just big fun! But that’s not all; we are nearby the Red Light District, so don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself in the centre of attention. Singing and laughing people inside as well as outside our studio is not an exception.

    “But I don’t have an outfit that fits the occasion!” We can provide sexy lingerie, hazardous dresses, funny uniforms, wigs in several colors, accessories and make-up. It’s your party, all for you, for your transformation to become a lady of the night. Men or women, young and old, everyone wants to have fun. Want to bring your own mischievous clothes, no problem!

    Beside a photo print (included in the price), you have the opportunity to receive all pictures by email. Think of all the possibilities; make your personal post card with lines like “Mom, I have a new job,” a shocking Christmas card or a playful slideshow during your wedding ceremony, nice for the in-laws!

    The photoshoot (in an Amsterdam Red Light Window) is according to many the highlight of their bachelor party. A hilarious thing to do during a Red Light District tour and a legendary final of your stay in Amsterdam! Everyone loves it.