Ghostwalk Amsterdam
  • Price:
    £15 p.p. (incl. VAT)
  • Min. participants:
  • Duration:
    2,0 Hour(s)
  • spookwandeling de damspookwandeling amsterdam

    Are you in for an evening of eeriness in the center of Amsterdam? Than the Ghostwalk is the tour for you!

    During this excursion you will be guided by our ‘ghost story specialist’ through the streets of Amsterdam. We will jump into the time machine, and get to know the legend and ghost stories that the old streets keep secret!

    Our guide has years of experience in telling ghost stories and giving ghost tours. He can even give full grown men shivers on their back!

    This tour is at it’s best after sunset!



    -Profesional guide

    -Exciting stories and quotes

    -Bookable at any time in the evening